Jun 15, 2009

Greenpiece University

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A pride for Indonesia students who selected to attend the Greenpeace University. Activities like this is required to bear a warrior. They are taught to communicate, campaign, conduct research, and also held fund-raising, they also be asked to participate in the Greenpeace project for the campaign in Indonesia.

Indonesia countries as greenhouse gas emissions to three biggest must support and also play a role because I think in addition to creating the people who love the environment like this really help to reduce greenhouse gases from the logging, because Indonesia country is the third largest producer of gas emissions glass. We can do activities like this to us in the family. Students come to love our children their environment. We do not have to wait activities like this to act , because global warming does not waiting to destroy the earth...

Apr 29, 2009

Amazing Clouds

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Buto Awan, we called it like that. In this video taken by my cousin in Bali. We have no explanation for such things, even to our country that is still warm on spiritual issues.
I can only say that we are really makes the earth angry, viewed from the right side of the eye such as crying, but that the left eye as the person who angry.what can u say?

This video is not from edited effect, what's pure in a cellphone recording taken at the time of the incident. only one answer for us is here, the earth is angry....

what about you?

Click here for the video

Apr 23, 2009

Climate Change Conference

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Once again, Greenpeace has moved to protect our earth. With the new video here, you can actually see how we treat this earth.

December 2009 will be held on climate change conference in Copenhagen by the United Nations. With the theme, we hope that the awareness of the large countries to reduce their industrial gas emissions. greenpiece said "every day to the conference in Copenhagen is earth day" more or less as it is said. But does not have to wait for the conference to make a change, with the small things such as send an email to the world leaders pledged to make changes ...
I have done so, now your turn ....

Apr 3, 2009


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From Heathrow, UK. government there plans to build an airport that is greater than before. with the reason to create jobs in the economic situation more difficult, the government will be flattened about 700 homes, businesses, schools, and pubs. to view a map of the location of the airport, click here ...

But in reality, the airport is one of the contributor biggest glass gas emissions. and if we want to seriously address global warming, then it must be antidotal. Greenpeace uk has been to buy land in the area proposed airport development. if we are serious, tell your friends, do the action, and visit the Greenpeace.
because thousands of people have joined here ...

Mar 31, 2009

Earth Hour

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Earth hour is an International event that was first forged by the WWF (World Wide Fund) Australia with the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007 in Sidney, Australia. How to turn off the lights and other electrical equipment are expected awareness of the importance of the global warming. We will not be able to overcome the global warming alone, and this action be a big change that is now done by the people of the world's various countries. the first action of the city, now the world of action. some of the city would celebrate events such as the new year, fireworks, the actions to see stars, etc.. This would make the world more cohesive society.

But not all the city's follow participation, because the action depends on the weather at the time of celebration, and also this event can thus spend more. but if we see more objective, whatever the price is a reasonable price for our earth. that we do is turn off lights for one hour, not the hard for a better future. at this time already in 2100 the city participate, and 1 billion already vote to earth, it is your turn? so please give your comment to a better world ..

Mar 26, 2009

Water scarcity

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Sea level rise is projected to increase salt-water intrusion into groundwater in some regions, affecting drinking water and agriculture in coastal zones. Increased evaporation will reduce the effectiveness of reservoirs. Increased extreme weather means more water falls on hardened ground unable to absorb it, leading to flash floods instead of a replenishment of soil moisture or groundwater levels. In some areas, shrinking glaciers threaten the water supply. The continued retreat of glaciers will have a number of different effects. In areas that are heavily dependent on water runoff from glaciers that melt during the warmer summer months, a continuation of the current retreat will eventually deplete the glacial ice and substantially reduce or eliminate runoff. A reduction in runoff will affect the ability to irrigate crops and will reduce summer stream flows necessary to keep dams and reservoirs replenished. This situation is particularly acute for irrigation in South America, where numerous artificial lakes are filled almost exclusively by glacial melt. Central Asian countries have also been historically dependent on the seasonal glacier melt water for irrigation and drinking supplies. In Norway, the Alps, and the Pacific.

Spread of disease

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) says global warming could lead to a major increase in insect-borne diseases in Britain and Europe, as northern Europe becomes warmer, ticks—which carry encephalitis and lyme disease and sandflies which carry visceral leishmaniasis are likely to move in. However, malaria has always been a common threat in European past, with the last epidemic occurring in the Netherlands during the 1950s. In the United States, Malaria has been endemic in as much as 36 states (including Washington, North Dakota, Michigan and New York) until the 1940s. By 1949, the country was declared free of malaria as a significant public health problem, after more than 4,650,000 house DDT spray applications had been made.