Mar 31, 2009

Earth Hour

Posted on/at 8:32 AM by kio

Earth hour is an International event that was first forged by the WWF (World Wide Fund) Australia with the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007 in Sidney, Australia. How to turn off the lights and other electrical equipment are expected awareness of the importance of the global warming. We will not be able to overcome the global warming alone, and this action be a big change that is now done by the people of the world's various countries. the first action of the city, now the world of action. some of the city would celebrate events such as the new year, fireworks, the actions to see stars, etc.. This would make the world more cohesive society.

But not all the city's follow participation, because the action depends on the weather at the time of celebration, and also this event can thus spend more. but if we see more objective, whatever the price is a reasonable price for our earth. that we do is turn off lights for one hour, not the hard for a better future. at this time already in 2100 the city participate, and 1 billion already vote to earth, it is your turn? so please give your comment to a better world ..


kcatwoman said...

hey we joined earth hour!

Gudang Hikmah said...

very nice article.thanks

Ary said...

Good information... There's No Place Like Earth, right?

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