Apr 29, 2009

Amazing Clouds

Posted on/at 6:52 AM by kio

Buto Awan, we called it like that. In this video taken by my cousin in Bali. We have no explanation for such things, even to our country that is still warm on spiritual issues.
I can only say that we are really makes the earth angry, viewed from the right side of the eye such as crying, but that the left eye as the person who angry.what can u say?

This video is not from edited effect, what's pure in a cellphone recording taken at the time of the incident. only one answer for us is here, the earth is angry....

what about you?

Click here for the video


Vicky said...

It scares me... yes maybe the earth is already angry, because we have not been treating all the things in this planet well.
We should try to recheck what we've done, maybe it's already late, but i think that will be a good way to make our beautiful earth smile again,right?

Sorry if my english isn't good :)
Anyway, please give your comment on my article.
I'll try to give you all my opinion about what you've written here on your great blog, OK?

Thanks for this useful information...

Dorothy L said...

Hello..That was a very realistic fact as to just how much power Mother Nature really has.
We have no control over what destiny has in store for us where weather is concerned...that is fact.
It is proof that we so reep what we sow.

Great videa

X said...

Kind of makes you think man is the most intelligent animal on earth and the most stupid at the same time.I often think how this planet will look like within a hundred years.


burn078 said...

LET"S SAVE EARTH before it's too late....


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